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TT is down for maintenance right now. I hope it really will be just a few minutes. Here’s their blog explaining the serious bugginess we’ve all been experiencing these last few days. Man, I hope this fix works. This site is my favorite internet hangout!

10/3 UPDATE: So far this fix seems to work. Uploading has been a lot better. I haven’t gotten disconnected either. I just wish my Chrome extensions would work better. My favorites are: Playlist Manager, Extended, and Turntabler

Turntable.Fm comes to the iPhone (There Goes The Last Of My Free Time!)

As if I didn’t have a addiction, they’ve released an iOS version. Thanks. No really, thanks! I can’t wait to fire it up! – My Newest Web Obsession

Somewhere a long time ago I heard about I do remember saying “Hey, that’s cool.” Then moving right along. last week I came across this Ars Technica article and it jogged my memory so I decided to try it out. I’m glad I did because I love it!

What is It’s a music streaming site along the lines of 8 Tracks where you can upload songs for others to listen to.  There are rooms that are equivalent to channels where you can listen to all types of music: dubstep, classical, 80s, 90s, and my favorite, mashups. What’s fun about is that you are the DJ. You can upload songs or choose from songs already uploaded. Each room has up to 5 DJ slots and if one’s open, you can jump in and play your stuff. Some rooms have song limits or DJ sign up pages, and the heavily occupied rooms can be harder to get up on stage due to the amount of people wanting to participate. There is a chat box which is really nice to be able to talk about music and get to know your fellow DJs.

You start out with a very vanilla avatar, and to be able to pimp out your avatar, you need points. You gain these points by DJing and having listeners essentially “like” you song. So there is an incentive, however vain, to participate.

Perhaps the best part of this site, is you can create rooms and have the option to make it public or private. Making it private means you invite who you want to participate in your room. It’s a nice way to share music with friends and be able to chat about it at the same time.

There are no mobile or tablet applications at this time, and support is a bit lacking, but all in all it’s a fun place to go to listen to some tunes and maybe even get in on the action.