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Spotify’s Daniel Ek (Interview)

I’ve been playing around with Spotify lately. I think if I didn’t already use Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player, it would be a compelling sevice. I like the ease of sharing music with friends (even though I have no friends yet. Hellloooo friends?!?) Yet the ease of Google Music and Amazon lies in its browser based format. Spotfy seems a little antiquainted with its stand alone player. Also, pricing for Google and Apple have yet to be formally announced, but if the rumored $25/year is true, then Spotify’s $4.99/year is a bit pricey.

Via Gigaom: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek


Spotify Spotify Spotify

Ok, so Spotify has just hit today. Here are a few links, impressions and how to’s:

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Spotify Is Coming To The US

Busy music day! Spotify is now taking email addresses for invitations to its service. Head over to their website to sign up!

Facebook And Spotify To Pair Up?

This is a big juicy one!

Rumor: Facebook Ins’t Just Pairing With Spotify For Music

Via Gizmodo