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John Legend Fans?

I was just perusing SoundCloud¬†and saw that John Legend recently released his 2008 album ‘Evolver’ for streaming. He seems media savvy. He’s also a good tweeter.


Soundcloud And Google Music Now Optimized For iPhone Safari Browser

I just happened to open up Soundcloud on my iPhone today and was pleasantly surprised to see it’s been optimized my my device. Also, Google Music Beta is too!

Lykke Li On SoundCloud

Lykke Li posted a set of six tracks on SoundCloud a few days ago:

Jay-Z And Jimi Hendrix – Jigga Hendrix

These are downloadable

Mashup: Beyonce vs Paramore

Radiohead vs Empire Of The Sun

Foo Fighters On SoundCloud

The Foo Fighters uploaded a “Tour Player” on Soundcloud yesterday.

They also made their lates albumWasted Light available for streaming.

Side note: There’s a Google Chrome extension that automatically disables comments. Man I needed that!

Artists On Soundcloud

Many of you know how much I LOVE¬†Soundcloud right? Anyway, there are a lot of artists who are on the site. Here’s the list:

Artists On Soundcloud

Katy Perry – ‘ET’

I prefer this mashup to the original: Katy Perry vs Soulja Boy- ‘ET’

But the official video is kinda cool:

Yazoo Mashup

A very nice mashup of three Yazoo songs