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Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Trailer

For those who have been reading my blog, you know I loves my Minecrack! Here’s the trailer for the new adventure mode update:


HP DM1 3025 Review: It Does Minecraft!

This is a mini review for my new HP DM1 3025. I bought it at Best Buy for $379. That is a good price since I”ve seen it around for $75 more.


The size and weight are really good. I travel for a living so I need a laptop that is light.

Zippiness: This netbook performs as well as my Sony Vaio VGN 760 1.86 Pentium M.

Keyboard: The keyboard is nice to use. It’s springy and easy to use.

Gaming: The only game I care t play on a PC is Minecraft and this maching works great. It won’t blow your mind with graphics, but I can play Minecraft without frustration. My settings are full-screen, fast graphics, and normal render distance.

Battery: HP claims 9.5 hours. I’ve gotten about 5 so far.


Trackpad:  The material is a little sticky for me. And I had to disable the 2-finger scroll. I really don’t understand why your need multitouch gestures on a laptop!

Screen: The screen is glossy so there’s some glare.

HDD: The hard drive is a little on the skimpy side at 250GB. Especially considering 20GB is dedicated to the recovery partition.


This netbook is the perfect balance between portability and power. You can’t go wrong with the price either. Buy it!

Update: One thing I have just found out about this laptop and maybe HPs in general. It shipped with a three-pronged plug. What the hell is that about? How am I supposed to plug this in in places like Japan? I have adapters for Europe, but Japan uses a two-prong plug like ours. Lame.

Oh Crap. Minecraft Coming to iOS Devices, Android

Well, I guess the last bit of free time I had will be eaten up soon! Goodbye friends! Goodbye bars! Goodbye wife!

Official Minecraft Coming To iPad and iPhones via

Minecraft Documentary

This is a proof of concept documentary video about Notch and his creation Minecraft.

Minecraft Documentary

Minecraft – The Source Portal

A fun Minecraft/ Half Life 2 mashup video. I really would love to take out a creepers with a mchine gun!

Zero Punctuation Reviews Minecraft

Those of you who actually follow me, know of my Minecrack addiction. Google/YouTube it and you’ll see a LOT of MC stuff out there. At least I know I’m not alone 🙂