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Takeaway Shows: Gaspar Cluas & Pedro Soler


Fleet Foxes Live From The Days Off Festival

The concert will begin streaming live at 15:15 EST.

Via La Blogotheuque: La Blogo Films Presents Fleet Foxes

La Blogotheque – Echo & The Bunnymen

Here is the La Blogotheque page. It has an account of the video shoot.

La Blogotheque – Mumford & Sons

Colin Stetson – La Blogotheque

Very impressive. Probably very loud too.

Hyperpotamus – A Take Away Show

I’m not sure if this music or performance art, or just walking around stoned.

La Blogotheque: Natalia Lafourcade

Natalia Lafourcade is from Mexico. Her band is Natalia y La Forquetina

Iron & Wine – Tree By The River

I love La Blogotheque

Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido (MIS)

Two of my favs rolled into one!

La Blogotheque – Enrique Morente

His biography

Sadly, he passed away December 13, 2010.