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Infinity Blade for iPhone Gets Discounted, Updated

I haven’t been one for gaming on my iPhone beyond Free Cell (I’m addicted!), but this might change my mind. Especially since it’s discounted to $2.99!

Via Kotaku: Infinity Blade Goes Dungeon Diving At A Discount

UPDATE: I just bought it. I’ll give a mini review soon!


Oh Crap. Minecraft Coming to iOS Devices, Android

Well, I guess the last bit of free time I had will be eaten up soon! Goodbye friends! Goodbye bars! Goodbye wife!

Official Minecraft Coming To iPad and iPhones via

A Few Words About Smartphone Security

Now that we all have smartphones and our lives are stored on them, there are a few security tips we should be following.

Gizmodo–How To Secure Your Smartphone

Ars Technica–Why You Should Always Encrypt Your Smartphone