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The Making Of ‘Hunted: Demon’s Forge’

A game I’m looking forward to playing this summer.

Via Kotaku

Atari Games For iOS

Atari just announced that’s it’s bringing Atari’s Greatest Hits to the iOS platform. Pong is available for free with the app and 4-packs are 99 cents. Here’s the rundown:

Via Ars Technica: 100 Classic Atari Games For iOS

Angry Birds Will Invade Facebook This Year

I think I may be the only iPhone owner who doesn’t play this game. Maybe the Facebook version will change that.

Angry Birds Flies Into Facebook Later This Year

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Trailer

A trailer for one of my favorite game series. Looking good. Although, it seems I can never finish these games, I’ll play for 100+ hours doing side quests. Then I’ll just be like, “I’m done!” ┬áRelease date is scheduled for 11/11/11.

Funny and Clever Illustrations

You may have seen some of these before,

Extraordinary Funny And Clever Illustrations

Minecraft – The Source Portal

A fun Minecraft/ Half Life 2 mashup video. I really would love to take out a creepers with a mchine gun!