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Damn It Feels Good To Be A Lannister (Video)

Yeah it’s a little cheesy, but…


Japanese ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cover Art

These are the covers for the Japanese “Game of Thrones’ books. What do you think?

Via iO9: Winter Is Coming To Japan

Game Of Thrones Infographic

For those of you who are a bit lost, here’s a handy infographic about all of the major players in The Game Of Thrones:

The Making of ‘A Game Of Thrones’ Opening Credits

For those who haben’t seen it, here are the opening credits to “Game Of Thrones’ as well as an article about the making of the credits. Unfortunately it’s in Flash, so I can’t embed it. Here’s the link: Secrets Behind ‘Game Of Thrones’ Opening Credits. Also, GoT has been picked up for Season 2!

Why Can’t I Just Buy Individual Episodes Of ‘Game Of Thrones’?!?

This is me right now. I’d happily pay iTunes or Amazon to watch HBO’s ‘A Game Of Thrones’. I don’t want or need all of HBO, just the damn GoT.

Virtual Shackles – Avast

Update: I’m sure many of you have already done this. All you need is a friend with an HBO account. Just use their info to log into HBO GO. It works for the iApps as well.

Game Of Thrones Sneak Preview

This is a sneak preview of the new HBO series Game of Thrones. Me likey!