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The Oatmeal – FaceSpace (Humor)

If Facebook and Myspace merged


Via The Oatmeal

The Most Regrettable Facebook Statuses Ever Posted (Humor)

Slightly NSFW (language). Mostly funny.

The Most Regrettable Facebook Statuses Ever Posted

Via SomeECards via Happy Place

Things You Can Just By Looking At Someone’s Facebook

Via Thought Catalog: Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Someone’s Facebook

Facebook And Spotify To Pair Up?

This is a big juicy one!

Rumor: Facebook Ins’t Just Pairing With Spotify For Music

Via Gizmodo

New Facebook App That Looks Like A Spreadsheet

For those who Facebook at work, there is a new app that turns Facebook into a spreadsheet. Makes you look all productive and stuff.

New App Lets You Facebook At Work In An Excel Spreadsheet

Via Gizmodo Via The Next Web

How To Disable Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature

I actually just figured this out myself yesterday. But here’s an article on how to do it:

How To Disable Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature

Via @Alyssa_Milano via Parenting

Facebook, Twitter Aren’t Your Friends

Wake up people!

Via Time Techland:¬†Facebook, Twitter Aren’t Responsible For Your Online Behavior

New Facebook Security Feature: Login Approvals

Facebook has rolled out a new security feature that uses text messaging to prevent unauthorized account access. Try it out.

Via Mashable: Facebook Amps Up Security With Text Message Login Approvals

Steven Levy: The Great Facebook Reset

Wired Magazine’s Steven Levy makes some great points about how most of us built our Facebook Friends List. He proposes a “Great Facebook Reset”. Sounds good to me.

Via Wired Magazine: Steven Levy On The Great Facebook Reset

Top 5 People You Should Unfriend

By Leigh Alexander via: Thought Catalog

The Top Five People You Should Unfriend From Facebook

Angry Birds Will Invade Facebook This Year

I think I may be the only iPhone owner who doesn’t play this game. Maybe the Facebook version will change that.

Angry Birds Flies Into Facebook Later This Year

Facebook and Privacy

Ok, I know I harp on FB all the time. It’s just that they have to power to be so evil. Like Uncle Ben said, “With great power, comes great responsibilty.” This Ars Technica article details the debate over how much personal data Facebook can share, with or without your permission.

Via Ars Technica: Congressmen, Facebook Go Back And Forth Over Personal Data Sharing

You Need To Get Off Facebook

Those who know me know I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. This vid is kinda pretentious though.

The Evils of Facebook

A few things I’ve come across this week concerning Facebook.

Dating Site Copied 250,000 Facebook Profiles Without Permision

Facebook Now Responsible for 25% of Hooker Hook-Ups