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Amazon Cloud Player Adds Unlimited Storage – Updated

Amazon announced some new features for its Cloud Player yesterday. Highlights include $24.99/year unlimited storage, Cloud Player for Web on iPad, and free storage for Amazon MP3 purchases prior to the rollout of Cloud Player. Unlimited storage is a limited time offer though. I have to admit, I’m tempted.

**Note: I just found this out. If you’ve purchased any MP3 album from Amazon, you are qualified for 1 year of 20 GB. Since the 20GB/year program qualifies for the new unlimited plan, you can get unlimited storage on free for one year! Not a bad deal! Also, if you haven’t bought an album, you can get unlimited storage for 1 year for $5 or less!

Via Engadget: Amazon Cloud Player Hits iPad, Adds Unlimited Storage

The Debatable Legality of Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music

I’ve been keeping an eye on this topic. It almost seems too good to be true that Amazon and Google can off their music services without paying for licenses. I have a  Google Music Beta account as well as some music on Amazon. Personally, I don’t plan on using either service all that much, since I’m pretty anal about keeping backups of my music collection on separate hard drives. Plus, what happens if I want to listen to my music on an airplane? Or overseas? Give me my 160GB iPod and I’m happy. I guess we’ll have to see how this all shakes out.

Via Ars Technica – Unlicensed: Are Google Music And Amazon Cloud Player Illegal?

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon just rolled out a service called Amazon Cloud Player that lets you store 5GB of music free (MP3 and AAC). This can be upgraded to 20GB for free by buying an MP3 album from Amazon. Additionally, new Amazon MP3 purchases don’t count against your storage capacity.  There is also a browser based player and one for Android, which I haven’t tried yet. Head over to Amazon’s home page for the press release. There is also a video describing the service.

Update: I just read that buying an MP3 album will only upgrade you to 20GB for a year. Also, Mashable has an interesting point about uploading illegally obtained music to the ACP.