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Funny (But The Title Ruins It) (Videos)


More Time Wasters – Animals Running Into Sh*t (Humor)

No explanation neccesary

Animals Running Into Shit

2,0000 Watt Megabass Stereo

I do not want to be this guy’s neighbor!

Via Gizmodo

Female Armor Sucks

I admit I like female armor. Hehe

Via Kotaku via College Humor: Female Armor Sucks

Cookie Monster vs IBM

Cookie Monster was scary back in the day!

I Don’t Wanna Be A Crappy Housewife

Obviously no expense was spared in the production of this video, nor the crafting of this song.

Jedis Are Such A-Holes


I consider myself lucky to never have heard the original Rebecca Black song.

L.A. Pet Owners

This will probably make some people mad. I thought it was funny and the animation makes it hilarious.

Roll A D6!

Cheesy but funny