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G Shock “The Descent”

This is me on my days off. Yeah right!



Awesome Super Slo-Mo Footage of ‘World’s Scariest Wave’

Here is the accompanying article from Gizmodo

Video: Shark Jumping Along/Over Surfer

I’m not sure its all that great of a video. Via Deadspin

Holy Crap!

Ok, let’s just forget that the driver is filming while driving on the highway and just focus on WTF happens. Or maybe it’s a fake?

’07 Trinity University Improbable Win

An oldie but goodie.

Japanese Happy Meals Are Made With Cocaine

How else can you explain this commercial?


Argentina’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is NSFW!

As posted by Gawker:

Argentina’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Straight Up Porn

Pants on the Ground Remix

DJ Steve Porter has some nice video remixes, including the Slap Chop Rap. I like this one better myself.