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G Shock “The Descent”

This is me on my days off. Yeah right!



Funny (But The Title Ruins It) (Videos)

Awesome Super Slo-Mo Footage of ‘World’s Scariest Wave’

Here is the accompanying article from Gizmodo


Miehina: A Day In The Life Of A Kyoto Geisha

Slo-Mo Skating Fails

Via Gizmodo

More Time Wasters – Animals Running Into Sh*t (Humor)

No explanation neccesary

Animals Running Into Shit

2,0000 Watt Megabass Stereo

I do not want to be this guy’s neighbor!

Via Gizmodo

Expert Parallel Parking

Dude calls himself Ronny C-Rock. Really?

Awwww! (Puppies)