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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 5 In 7 Minutes

As far as i know, iOS 5 isn’t out yet today. This video shows you the features of the new OS from Apple. Here’s the whole article from Lifehacker.

Ars Technica also has a very good 7 page review of iOS 5 here


Soundcloud And Google Music Now Optimized For iPhone Safari Browser

I just happened to open up Soundcloud on my iPhone today and was pleasantly surprised to see it’s been optimized my my device. Also, Google Music Beta is too!

Turntable.Fm comes to the iPhone (There Goes The Last Of My Free Time!)

As if I didn’t have a addiction, they’ve released an iOS version. Thanks. No really, thanks! I can’t wait to fire it up!

Soundtracking: A Social Music App

I downloaded this the other day. It’s fun!

Soundtracking Lets You Measure Your Life In Songs

Atari Games For iOS

Atari just announced that’s it’s bringing Atari’s Greatest Hits to the iOS platform. Pong is available for free with the app and 4-packs are 99 cents. Here’s the rundown:

Via Ars Technica: 100 Classic Atari Games For iOS

iOS Apps And The Earthquake News

I just read two things related to Japan and the Earthquake that are iOS related

1) There is an NHK free streaming app

2) PopCap iOS games are discounted, with the proceeds going to Earthquake relief. It’s only from 12:01 Saturday 3/19 until 12:00 am Sunday 3/20.

Infinity Blade for iPhone Gets Discounted, Updated

I haven’t been one for gaming on my iPhone beyond Free Cell (I’m addicted!), but this might change my mind. Especially since it’s discounted to $2.99!

Via Kotaku: Infinity Blade Goes Dungeon Diving At A Discount

UPDATE: I just bought it. I’ll give a mini review soon!

Oh Crap. Minecraft Coming to iOS Devices, Android

Well, I guess the last bit of free time I had will be eaten up soon! Goodbye friends! Goodbye bars! Goodbye wife!

Official Minecraft Coming To iPad and iPhones via

A Few Words About Smartphone Security

Now that we all have smartphones and our lives are stored on them, there are a few security tips we should be following.

Gizmodo–How To Secure Your Smartphone

Ars Technica–Why You Should Always Encrypt Your Smartphone

Why You Should Always Encrypt Your Smartphone

A very interesting and informative article concerning warrantless searches and smartphones from Ars Technica

Why You Should Always Encrypt Your Smartphone