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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 5 In 7 Minutes

As far as i know, iOS 5 isn’t out yet today. This video shows you the features of the new OS from Apple. Here’s the whole article from Lifehacker.

Ars Technica also has a very good 7 page review of iOS 5 here


How To: Install Android On Your Nook Color (And Void Your Warranty)

Very stable and very easy to do! I had trouble accessing the Marketplace with the first link he provides, but had no problems using the second one (update-cm-7.0.2). Also, I’ve read in some of the comments of this video that newer Nook Colors will not work using these files. Do some research before attempting this! Here is a good reference site: XDA Developers

HP DM1 3025 Review: It Does Minecraft!

This is a mini review for my new HP DM1 3025. I bought it at Best Buy for $379. That is a good price since I”ve seen it around for $75 more.


The size and weight are really good. I travel for a living so I need a laptop that is light.

Zippiness: This netbook performs as well as my Sony Vaio VGN 760 1.86 Pentium M.

Keyboard: The keyboard is nice to use. It’s springy and easy to use.

Gaming: The only game I care t play on a PC is Minecraft and this maching works great. It won’t blow your mind with graphics, but I can play Minecraft without frustration. My settings are full-screen, fast graphics, and normal render distance.

Battery: HP claims 9.5 hours. I’ve gotten about 5 so far.


Trackpad:  The material is a little sticky for me. And I had to disable the 2-finger scroll. I really don’t understand why your need multitouch gestures on a laptop!

Screen: The screen is glossy so there’s some glare.

HDD: The hard drive is a little on the skimpy side at 250GB. Especially considering 20GB is dedicated to the recovery partition.


This netbook is the perfect balance between portability and power. You can’t go wrong with the price either. Buy it!

Update: One thing I have just found out about this laptop and maybe HPs in general. It shipped with a three-pronged plug. What the hell is that about? How am I supposed to plug this in in places like Japan? I have adapters for Europe, but Japan uses a two-prong plug like ours. Lame.

Portable, Pricey Speaker System

I want one!

Via Boing Boing: Cambridge Soundworks Portable Speaker System

Nintendo 3DS Review Roundup

I personally am not interested in a 3DS. It just doesn’t appeal to me. The 3D aspect seems gimicky. Here are some reviews from various gaming sites:

Via Ars Technica: A Beautiful Screen, A Weak Battery, A Door To The Future

Via Engadget: Nintendo 3DS Review

Via Kotaku: The 3DS Is Stylish, Grown-Up, And Flawed

Plugin Launcher For Android

This looks like a smart thing. This app will start any of your choice when it detects a power jack or headphones.

Via Engadget: Plugin Launcher

Barnes & Noble Nook Color: A Review

I’m going to branch out and do something different: a review.

What I like:  The screen resolution is very nice. Images and movies are crisp and clear. The page refresh rate is snappy. This is a must for any e-reader. I like the adjustable brightness. Generally I keep it dark, but on occasion it’s necessary to crank it up a bit. The multimedia features are nice. I loaded Avatar onto it and it looked nice. I like the overall styling and design of the Nook. The Sudoku and Crosswords are nice. Also, importantly, I was able to load my Sony e-Books onto my Nook via Adobe Digital Editions with no problem, although I wish they would show up on my Bookshelf. Also, there is a Micro SD slot for expanded storage.

What I don’t like. Battery life can be short if you leave the display bright and the wifi on. Mostly this isn’t an issue, but I can envision a scenario in which I’m almost done with a book and have it run out of juice with no place to charge it up. There is a web browser, but it sucks. It’s slow and not very user friendly. I suppose it would do in a pinch, but I would use my iPhone 4 on 3G before turning on this browser. Music: You can play Pandora or MP3s on the Nook, but there is so much background static, that it’s annoying to use. Again, I’d rather plug in my iPod and read. There is a photo gallery built in that works well enough, but if you have pictures side-loaded on a Micro SD, you can’t view thumbnails, so it’s practically useless since most of my pics are labeled ‘DSC0356’ and the like. There is no resume option for movies, they always start from the beginning. Also, access to the Micro SD slot can be difficult. This is the only design drawback.

In a nutshell: It may seem I don’t like my Nook from the length of my cons list, but this isn’t true. It’s firstly an e-book reader and it does that very well.  All of my gripes are with the extra functions. The software is still version 1.1.0, so there is a lot of room for improvement. The word is B&A will improve the OS soon maybe even upgrading to Android Honeycomb. I think I will eventually root my Nook and install either Ubuntu or Android Honeycomb on it once the process has been refined. Bottom line: would I recommend it to others? Yes. It’s solidly built and has lots of room to grow, besides being a fun and affordable DIY tablet project.

CNET’s review

AOTS’ Gadget Pron Review

Nintendo 3DS Will Play Netflix

Ok, I think even my toilet can play Netflix movies at this point!

Via Kotaku: The Nintendo 3DS Will Play Your Netflix

iPad 2

Here is the scoop on the iPad 2.

Via Apple’s new iPad 2

Via Gizmodo: A Completely New Beast

An editorial from Engadget: It’s Apple’s ‘Post PC’ World–We’re All Just Living In It

Sony PSP2 aka NGP

I didn’t think I wanted a new handheld. I was wrong. This thing looks nice! Let’s hope it won’t be crazy expensive.

Ars Technica’s Take and a Summary of the Device

Gizmodo’s Take