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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 5 In 7 Minutes

As far as i know, iOS 5 isn’t out yet today. This video shows you the features of the new OS from Apple. Here’s the whole article from Lifehacker.

Ars Technica also has a very good 7 page review of iOS 5 here


Soundcloud And Google Music Now Optimized For iPhone Safari Browser

I just happened to open up Soundcloud on my iPhone today and was pleasantly surprised to see it’s been optimized my my device. Also, Google Music Beta is too!

Turntable.Fm comes to the iPhone (There Goes The Last Of My Free Time!)

As if I didn’t have a addiction, they’ve released an iOS version. Thanks. No really, thanks! I can’t wait to fire it up!

How To: Install Android On Your Nook Color (And Void Your Warranty)

Very stable and very easy to do! I had trouble accessing the Marketplace with the first link he provides, but had no problems using the second one (update-cm-7.0.2). Also, I’ve read in some of the comments of this video that newer Nook Colors will not work using these files. Do some research before attempting this! Here is a good reference site: XDA Developers

Soundtracking: A Social Music App

I downloaded this the other day. It’s fun!

Soundtracking Lets You Measure Your Life In Songs

Watch The Lunar Eclipse Live Today On YouTube

You can watch the lunar eclipse live starting at 2pm EST on YouTube on Google’s official channel. Here are some details.

Lunar Eclipse: Watch It Live On YouTube


Google Music Beta

I just got my Google Music Beta invitation! I’m uploading music now. I have 12,000+ ¬†songs so it’s gonna take a while. I don’t know a lot about the service right now, so I’ll play with it for a while and then review it. Stay tuned!

Useful Gmail Experimental Features

I just enable a bunch of these features.

Via Lifehacker:

Top 10 Gmail Labs You Should Enable

10 More Experimental Gmail Features You Should Enable From Gmail Laboratories

Prey Free Anti-Theft Software

I’m installing this on my new laptop right now. Hey, it’s free why not?

How To Make A Website: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Lifehacker has put together a series of videos on how to build a website. It’s pretty interesting and informative.

How To Make A Website: A Complete Beginner’s Guide