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Star Wars

Four-Year-Old’s Reaction To ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Big Reveal

I was a bit older than four, and I was in the movie theater, but I’m sure my face had the same look as young Faris’! “Luke, I’m your Father!”

Oh, and I just had to throw this in!


Are You Kidding Me?! ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ Done In ASCII

Too bad there’s no sound 😦


R2D2 Lunch Kit. With Sound!

Kids these days don’t know how good they have it.

Star Wars R2D2 Novelty Lunch Kit With Sound


The Worst Star Wars Quotes To Shout Out During Sex

“…I am your father!”


Via Thought catalog:

The Worst Star Wars Quotes To Shout Out During Sex Part 1

The Worst Star Wars Quotes To Shout Out During Sex Part 2

Jedis Are Such A-Holes


I consider myself lucky to never have heard the original Rebecca Black song.

Existential Star Wars (Subtitled)

Found out about this video by following @Alyssa_Milano on Twitter. Her tweets are actually pretty good and geeky. Who knew?

Via Open Culture

Light Saber Popsicles

The acting kinda sucks, but I like the concept.

Hungarian Star Wars III, IV, V Posters

I guess Hungary is somewhat famous for their movie posters. Here are some from the orignal Star Wars series

Via IHeartChaos: Hungarian Star Wars Posters