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Heavy Metal Parking Lot

If you have a half an hour to kill, I recommend watching this mini documentary filmed at a Maryland Judas Priest concert parking lot in 1986. Some serious hair in this thing!! Also check out the “Where Are They Now” video.

Via NPR: Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Also: Heavy Metal Parking Lot Alumni: Where Are They Now?


Hot Docs: Highlights From North America’s Biggest Documentary Film Festival

I don’t see as many documentaries as I should :(. ┬áHere is a nice list with descriptions of some of the noteworthy documantaries from this year’s Hot Docs Film Festival.

Via Though Catalog: Highlights From North America’s Biggest Documentary Film Festival

‘100 Yen’ An Upcoming Documentary

This is the trailer for and upcoming documentary on game arcades in Japan. Some of the footage is shot in Osaka’s Namba and Shinsaibashi areas. Places I have visited quite a bit.

Minecraft Documentary

This is a proof of concept documentary video about Notch and his creation Minecraft.

Minecraft Documentary

Smut Capital of America (NSFW)

The origins of porn (NSFW)

Abandoned on Everest

The very real and graphic dark side of scaling Mount Everest. Warning: this blog has some photos that are graphic. National Geographic made a documentary “The Dark Side of Everest” that is quite interesting as well.

Abandoned on Everest via: a sea of lead, a sky of slate

Everything Is A Remix

An interesting video about the lack of originality in movies. It guess it’s true that “there is nothing new under the sun.”