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Four-Year-Old’s Reaction To ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Big Reveal

I was a bit older than four, and I was in the movie theater, but I’m sure my face had the same look as young Faris’! “Luke, I’m your Father!”

Oh, and I just had to throw this in!


Half-Life Fan Film Parts 1 & 2

Awesome stuff!

Via Kotaku

Authors@Google – George RR Martin

Got an hour to kill? Me neither. But if I did…..

Are You Kidding Me?! ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ Done In ASCII

Too bad there’s no sound 😦


Andrew Garfield – Spiderman’s Biggest Fan

A passionate speech by the new Peter Parker from last week’s San Diego Comicon

Here’s a little background from the Huffington Post

Juan De Los Muertos

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

If you have a half an hour to kill, I recommend watching this mini documentary filmed at a Maryland Judas Priest concert parking lot in 1986. Some serious hair in this thing!! Also check out the “Where Are They Now” video.

Via NPR: Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Also: Heavy Metal Parking Lot Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Final Fantasy VII Stop-Motion Short

Really well done!

The Worst Star Wars Quotes To Shout Out During Sex

“…I am your father!”


Via Thought catalog:

The Worst Star Wars Quotes To Shout Out During Sex Part 1

The Worst Star Wars Quotes To Shout Out During Sex Part 2

Quiz: Famous Objects From Classic Movies

These are fun to play sometimes:

Famous Objects From Classic Movies