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PS Vita North America Release: 2/22/12

For those who are wondering when the Playstation Vita is coming to our shores, Engadget is reporting the NA release date is February 22, 2012. Here’s the scoop


Dark Souls Review Roundup

From Software’s Dark Souls comes out tomorrow! Kotaku has a roundup of the reviews. Looks like a ball busting good time!

The Trials of PS3 Gaming

Seems a lot of people are griping about the PS3’s mandatory updates, not to mention their new terms of service. I have to agree. I like my PS3, but spending upwards of 45 minutes installing a game is not my idea of fun. The whole reason I like console gaming is because you pop in a game and you’re ready to go. I guess those days are over and have been for a while.

Via Ars Technica: Resistance 3 Highlights Where The PS3 User Experience Goes Wrong

Sony PS3 New Terms Of Service


A few reactions to Sony’s new TOS agreement:

Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Trailer

For those who have been reading my blog, you know I loves my Minecrack! Here’s the trailer for the new adventure mode update:

Half-Life Fan Film Parts 1 & 2

Awesome stuff!

Via Kotaku

Trailer: Bioshock Infinite

One of my favorite games is getting ready to wow us again. Can’t wait!

Sony Playstation Vita

Vita? Really, you went with ‘Vita’? I guess you could call it shit-on-a-stick and I’d still want it!

Civilization For Facebook

Here is a video demonstrating Civilization for Facebook. Looks like fun. I think?

The Guild

I just started watching The Guild. It’s an online series created and written by Felicia Day. It’s about a group of MMORPGers. It’s good. The episodes are also short, which makes then easy to consume. Here’s the first episode and also a link to Season One: