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The Oatmeal – FaceSpace (Humor)

If Facebook and Myspace merged


Via The Oatmeal


Google + Tips

I decided to round up some tricks and tips for using Google+ that Mashable and others has published in the last few weeks

10 Hints For New Users

7 Ways Google+ Users Are Getting The Most Out Of Their Circles

How To Migrate Your Facebook Account And Data To Google+

5 Chrome Extensions That Improve Google+

Google+ Chrome: 5 More Handy Extensions 

Google+ Cheat Sheet

What Is Google+ And Why Do I Need It (Video)

I’m on Google+ if you want to look for me. I really like the ‘Circles’ feature as well as the ‘Share’ feature.

The Most Regrettable Facebook Statuses Ever Posted (Humor)

Slightly NSFW (language). Mostly funny.

The Most Regrettable Facebook Statuses Ever Posted

Via SomeECards via Happy Place

Video: A Life On Facebook

Things You Can Just By Looking At Someone’s Facebook

Via Thought Catalog: Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Someone’s Facebook

New Facebook App That Looks Like A Spreadsheet

For those who Facebook at work, there is a new app that turns Facebook into a spreadsheet. Makes you look all productive and stuff.

New App Lets You Facebook At Work In An Excel Spreadsheet

Via Gizmodo Via The Next Web

How To Disable Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature

I actually just figured this out myself yesterday. But here’s an article on how to do it:

How To Disable Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature

Via @Alyssa_Milano via Parenting

Facebook, Twitter Aren’t Your Friends

Wake up people!

Via Time Techland:¬†Facebook, Twitter Aren’t Responsible For Your Online Behavior

A Good Introduction To Facebook Privacy

This article from Lifehacker is pretty good at pointing out the basics of Facebook privacy.

How To Keep People From Seeing All Of Your Facebook Info