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The Oatmeal – Pens hehe



The Oatmeal – Time Spent Using Tupperware (Comics)

Time Spent Using Tupperware

The Oatmeal – What It’s Like To Be An Adult Online Gamer (Comics)

Ahh, Mr O!

Online Gaming

Jaws/Peanuts Mashup Comics

Via Brainpicker Jaws/Peanuts Mashup Comics

xkcd – Tornadoguard (Comics)

Yeah, you should definitely read all the reviews before buying certain apps

via Gizmodo xkcd – Tornadoguard

Andrew Garfield – Spiderman’s Biggest Fan

A passionate speech by the new Peter Parker from last week’s San Diego Comicon

Here’s a little background from the Huffington Post

Comic: How Commercial Airplanes SHOULD Be Laid Out

The Oatmeal strikes again!

How Commercial Airplanes SHOULD Be Laid Out 

Comic: What The Internet Has Done To Us

Seems to me I’ve seen this somewhere before. Anyway, here it is again.

Comic Depressingly Shows How Technology Has made Us Extremely Boring

Via: Some Ecards

The Oatmeal–The Pros And Cons Of A Man Sitting Down To Pee

Welcome back Mr. Oatmeal.

The Pros And Cons Of A Man Sitting Down To Pee

Crawling Onto Land

A comic strip:

Crawling Onto Land