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See You All Over At Google+!

I know you think I haven’t been posting. But I have actually. Just on Google+. For me it’s easier and cleaner. The links I post have artwork added to them. I can can add photos too. There’s no word limit like Twitter either. So, if you’d like to still see what I think is funny/groovy/silly come find me on Google+!




Beastie Boys’ – ‘Fight For Your Right’

Farewell Maybe?

Hey all,

I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately. Just been too busy! I’m actually thinking of just using Google+ as my blog. It’s a lot easier to post stuff there and I don’t have to spend time formatiing things and adding hyperlinks. We shall see….

NPR First Listen: Tom Waits

Listen to Tom Waits’ new album ‘Bad As Me’¬†here.

Amazing Jack-o-Lanterns

These are amazing!

Amazing Jack-O-Lanterns



The Oatmeal – Pens hehe


Wiliiam Shatner’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

There are no words. None.

PS Vita North America Release: 2/22/12

For those who are wondering when the Playstation Vita is coming to our shores, Engadget is reporting the NA release date is February 22, 2012. Here’s the scoop

The Futureheads – ‘Hounds Of Love’ (Video)

Monster Mashup 2011

I love mashups. I don’t know why. It’s a guilty pleasure. One of my favorite mashup artists LeeDM101 has released his Halloween mashup as part of Monster Mashup 2011. Be sure to download it now here!