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Spotify’s Daniel Ek (Interview)

I’ve been playing around with Spotify lately. I think if I didn’t already use Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player, it would be a compelling sevice. I like the ease of sharing music with friends (even though I have no friends yet. Hellloooo friends?!?) Yet the ease of Google Music and Amazon lies in its browser based format. Spotfy seems a little antiquainted with its stand alone player. Also, pricing for Google and Apple have yet to be formally announced, but if the rumored $25/year is true, then Spotify’s $4.99/year is a bit pricey.

Via Gigaom: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek


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  1. TwistedRat

    Hi, I’ve been using Spotify for many years in Sweden.

    I like the “all you can eat bu fee” that Spotify offer. I have used Groveshark some as well but I find Spotify simpler, then there the questionable legal status of Groweshark regarding track licensing that if kind of turn down for me personally.

    But here’s some info for Spotify that many don’t know that helped me allot.

    The genres available to use while searching is listed here:

    Use them like this:
    genre:”Acid Rock”
    artist:scarecrow title:”black door
    more here:

    A nice type of playlist for discovering new music, Soundmatch ( that generate suggested songs on the fly from what you play in Spotify in a auto updated collaboration playlist as you play tracks (personal auto generated playlist, always up to date). It do require a free Last.FM account and that it’s active in Spotify to work.

    Spotify don’t have a web based GUI on the PC client because it uses P2P tech like BitTorrent (not to be confused with piracy, the chief architect for Spotify client was the closely involved in making the uTorrent client) to make the playback experience as snappy as possible. If you wanna use Spotify at a PC that you can’t install any software on, copy Spotify.exe or install Spotify on a USB stick. Then you can move it from PC to PC without installing. Just open Spotify.exe on the USB stick and you’re done.

    Some more tips in these links (Love the EQ plugin):

    Btw, new feature was just implemented in the US version. Artist related radio as the EU version have.

    Best of luck 🙂

    July 21, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    • badtzninja

      Thank you for the information! It was very helpful. I’m still new to Spotify and am still trying to figure out some of its nuances.

      July 23, 2011 at 9:57 am

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