My Internet Wanderings

Browser Wars

There are lots of shiny new web browsers out there now. Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla unleashed Firefox 4, and then there’s Google Chrome. Which is best?

I use Google Chrome Beta 11. I like it the best because it’s fast. It starts up fast and renders fast. I’ve spent some time using Firefox 4 too. It’s ok. I still think Chrome outperforms F4 though. One thing F4 has that I like are tons of extensions. So what I end up doing is browsing with Chrome then if I need to, copy the URL and use F4 if I want to use an extension that Chrome is missing. I also like Internet Explorer 9. It’s pretty darn fast too and has a clean interface. I’m just not that accustomed to using it, so it’s not as intuitive for me. So there’s my take. Now for the experts:

Ars Technica: IE9: The Most Modern Browser There Is

Why I’ve Switched From Chrome To Firefox 4

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