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See You All Over At Google+!

I know you think I haven’t been posting. But I have actually. Just on Google+. For me it’s easier and cleaner. The links I post have artwork added to them. I can can add photos too. There’s no word limit like Twitter either. So, if you’d like to still see what I think is funny/groovy/silly come find me on Google+!




Beastie Boys’ – ‘Fight For Your Right’

Farewell Maybe?

Hey all,

I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately. Just been too busy! I’m actually thinking of just using Google+ as my blog. It’s a lot easier to post stuff there and I don’t have to spend time formatiing things and adding hyperlinks. We shall see….

NPR First Listen: Tom Waits

Listen to Tom Waits’ new album ‘Bad As Me’¬†here.

Amazing Jack-o-Lanterns

These are amazing!

Amazing Jack-O-Lanterns



The Oatmeal – Pens hehe


Wiliiam Shatner’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

There are no words. None.

PS Vita North America Release: 2/22/12

For those who are wondering when the Playstation Vita is coming to our shores, Engadget is reporting the NA release date is February 22, 2012. Here’s the scoop

Monster Mashup 2011

I love mashups. I don’t know why. It’s a guilty pleasure. One of my favorite mashup artists LeeDM101 has released his Halloween mashup as part of Monster Mashup 2011. Be sure to download it now here!